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Pulled Beef Tugs My Heart Strings

November 2, 2010

This pulled beef is reliable and versatile.  I make it every time any kind of hunk of beef goes on sale for $4.39 per kg (equivalent to $1.99 per lb).  Usually it’s labeled chuck roast, but sometimes I end up with top sirloin steak or, well I just buy whatever comes in a roast shape between 1-1.5kg depending on how hungry I am, grin!  No, this is a crowd’s worth, a good 8 giant stuffed kaiser bun sandwiches!  Please, absolutely, no matter what, get the piece of beef with the most little veins of white fat going through it.  I generally shy away from this sort of meat, but it’s imperative for this recipe.  And inexpensive.  I promise in the end we will be removing a great deal of that fat.

Sometimes I use this meat for pulled beef sandwiches.  Sometimes atop a pile of mashed potatoes.  Or I make it with beef broth instead of bbq sauce and I use the pulled beef in stew or with taco seasoning for enchiladas!  Use it with gusto!

Spoiler Alert: Bakes for 5 hours.  Do not attempt on an empty stomach.


1-1.5kg beef roast

1 bottle of your favorite bbq sauce (or a can of beef broth)

1 big onion or 2 small ones

3 celery stalks

1 cup water

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Chop the celery and throw it in a big dish that can go in the oven, about twice the area of the meat.

Chop the onion and stir in with the celery.

Here’s a close up of the beef with the tag on.  Roast, $4.39 per kg.  Lots of little veins of fat (the thick veins don’t really do you any good).

Pour the bottle of bbq sauce over the roast.

Then I always run a cup-ish of water into the empty bbq bottle and shake out all the last drops of goodness and into the roast dish everything goes.

Now cover with tin foil and put in the oven at 350 degrees.  After about half an hour, turn down to 325 degrees and bake for 4 and a half hours more.

If you can’t resist peeking, we’ve got something in common.  Here is what it looks like about 3 hours in.  Look at that amazing colour!  The beef shrinks considerably.  The meat is tough at this point.  Don’t fret!  Hold out a little bit longer!

Five hours.  Just right.

The meat falls apart when you touch it with a fork.

The full recipe ends here. Jump up.

Continue reading if you want to see how to easily remove most of the fat from this dish. I did a show’n’tell version in a square glass pan.  I do not recommend cooking this in this type of pan.  You need one with a higher edge.  If you can be patient, after the dish the beef was cooked in is cool enough, put it in the fridge over night.  I usually do this after pulling off a generous piece for me to eat right away. 

The next day, the fat will have hardened and is a snap to remove!

Remove the beef to a plate you can pull it on.

Remove the orange.  Leave the veges and sauce in the pan.  You can dump the beef back into here as you pull it to save dirtying another dish.

Use two forks to break all the meat apart.

Throw the meat back in the delicious sauce it created as it cooked.  (Just as delicious when cooked in just plain water or broth instead of bbq sauce.)

Stir, heat and serve up in a bun or atop mashed potatoes!  I often make this dish with an even amount of onions/celery to beef and no one has noticed the vegetable ratio.  Better for the tummy and the wallet.  Next time I’ll be sure to grab a photo of the sandwiches before they are gone!

What dish did you make with your pulled beef? Jump up.


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  1. Emran permalink

    WOW! I’m definitely gonna have to try the pulled beef…mmmm, goodness!!! Thanks for the awsome recipes!

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