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Lentil Carrot Soup Soothes the Soul

November 9, 2010

Lentil carrot soup is by far my favorite recipe.  This soup is cheerful, colourful and created with lentils, the cheapest food on the planet at about 99 cents for a number of generous giant pots.  You can eat mug after mug of this soup and it never makes your tummy feel heavy.  Lentil carrot soup is a feel good soup that hits the spot even when you are feeling icky.

I doubled the recipe while cooking below, as I often do.


1 cup of dry red lentils

Carrots – I like to buy the mini ones for this soup when they are on sale because they quickly cut into mini melt-in-your-mouth sized pieces, one small bag or about 450 grams; or 4 big carrots

Broth, and tons of it – chicken, vegetable, beef; condensed, oxo, it doesn’t matter, just lots, minimum 6 cups worth

Bit of olive oil or butter just to fry the onions up a bit in.

Can of diced tomatoes, 796ml

Onion, garlic and 3 stalks celery

Bone – an optional but certainly more nutritious addition, soup bones can be found in the meat section of any major grocery store generally for about $1.50 per package for beef bones

Put a big pot on the stove on medium with a spoon of olive oil to toss all of your vegetables in as you chop them.  Celery, into the pot.

Onions, into the pot.

Garlic, about 3 cloves minced, into the pot.

Slicing up mini carrots creates perfectly alike, adorable tiny tidbits for your soup. It’s like they are fresh from the factory!

By the time you are finished cutting all the carrots, the onion-celery-garlic mixture should have been cooking in the pot long enough to be soft and getting sort of see through, or even browning a bit is fine.  Add in the carrots.

Let the vegetable mixture cook a bit longer, 5 or more minutes, then add the lentils.

Add a good 6-8 cups of broth.  I used a combination of vegetable and beef here, but I’ve used every flavor and format combination imaginable and it always turns out good.  Add more broth than you think you will like.  You will be surprised at how much liquid the lentils soak up.  You can add more broth at any point.

Now the fun part, the bones.  Even if you don’t care for the aesthetics of a good bone, you can’t deny that the marrow is nutrient rich.  You want as much marrow (see the bright red part throughout the bone below) as possible and as little meat as possible.  You don’t want to pay extra for the heavy meat which gives little flavour compared to the lighter bones filled with marrow.  The cheapest bones at the grocery store today were pork.  They were all out of beef bones which normally cost me less than $1.50.

Don’t forget to wash the bones before adding them to the soup! I wasn’t sure if I should mention that, but I thought better safe than sorry.

Turn up the stove (to 7 or 8) for a short time and let everything come to a boil.  Then cover and turn back down to a simmer (around 2) for about an hour.  Experiment by adding different flavours before covering to suit your mood.  Parsley and sage.  Brown sugar and cinnamon.  Cumin and coriander.

Add a can of diced tomatoes and continue to simmer for at least 20 more minutes.

Remove the bone before serving in giant mugs, with a big chunk of bread and a newspaper.

What combination of flavours did you use for your lentil carrot soup?  Jump up.

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