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Roast A Chicken, So Simple You Won’t Buy Rotisserie Again

December 4, 2010

It’s easy to buy the pre-roasted chickens now that they are available in every major grocery store for cheap.  But, they are even cheaper if you DIY!  And it’s as easy as throwing the chicken in the oven with a little butter on top and a little water on the bottom of the pan.  I think people worry about dryness and basting and such, but I’ve never put any effort like basting in, and I’ve had no problems.  For a bit more flavour, try the almost-as-simple-as-butter-and-water variation below.

Let me warn you, I only buy whole chicken when it is on sale (like any meat).  You should be able to get one for $3 – $5 if you buy at the right time.  Then I roast two, one for eating immediately and one for pulling apart.  If you pull the meat off the bones of the second chicken, you can use the bones to make soup with and throw the meat in the freezer for quick meals later (like quesadillas, yum!).


Whole Chicken



Thyme (fresh or dry is fine, so are substitutions)

Chicken Broth

This is still a basic butter and water recipe, but the butter is jazzed up with garlic and thyme and the water is broth.  Revolutionary stuff, I know.

RINSE THE CHICKEN INSIDE AND OUT and place in an oven safe dish.

My poor chicken was missing a wing.  I think he was trying to cross the road.  He didn’t leave me any clues as to why.

Add some diced garlic and thyme to about 2 tablespoons of butter.

Spread some of the jazzed-up-butter under the skin as far as you can go.  I try to jam some of the jazzed-up-butter in under the skin of the legs as well.

Spread the rest of the jazzed-up-butter on the outside of the skin.

Add a good cup or two of chicken broth (I used an oxo packet and water)

Cover with foil and roast for about 1 hour at 375 degrees.  For small birds like this, I just cover the whole thing with foil, so no basting required.  Then at one hour, you can uncover the bird and let it roast for 15 more minutes (still at 375 degrees) for perfect browning.

If you have a large bird though, it really is best to just put a little square of foil over the poultry breast and two little pieces over the ends of the poultry legs.  Then you pretty much have to baste.  That’s for the real deal, holiday style, feed a small nation sized bird.  And you need to cook those for 2, maybe 3 hours depending on the size.  Start small.

A divine roast chicken.  Thank you chicken for being so irresistibly plump and tender and delicious!

I’d like to request a scratch-and-sniff widget for WordPress!

If you are interested in making gravy, you can just pour the liquid from the bottom of the pan into a little pot with a spoon full of flour.  Boil for one minute and let sit off the heat for five more minutes to thicken.  On lazy days, I just spoon some of the liquid straight from the pan onto my plate of chicken.  Lacks presentation, but tastes the same.

You can also turn this into a whole meal right in the pan by tossing potatoes and carrots or whatever you fancy around the chicken before baking.

Did you use garlic and thyme or another favorite jazzed-up-butter for your roast chicken? Jump up.


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  1. maduwa rejoyce permalink

    This is great receip I enjoyed it with my family

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