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Take The Plunge With Effortless Salmon Dip

January 19, 2011

The recipe for Effortless Salmon Dip will likely be my shortest post ever.  This dip is literally so effort free, it only requires one photo of the ingredients and one of the final product!  Couldn’t be easier!

Horseradish is the same ingredient that adds tang to cocktail sauce.

I often buy the boneless, skinless variety of canned salmon as it can sometimes be found at the same price as the regular tinned salmon.  Don’t forget to choose one with a dolphin on the side at least so you can sleep guilt free tonight!  I checked the Seafood Watch app to learn the best sustainable option and they reported Wild Alaskan Pink or Sockeye as the best canned salmon available in terms of sustainability.  I recommend this reliable, user friendly app, or you can also have access to the same information by referring to the Seafood Watch Program website.


Salmon, one tin can

Cream cheese, half package

Horseradish, few tablespoons

Optional: Parsley, for garnish

Drain the salmon.  Mix with cream cheese and horseradish.  I did this with a fork.  Sprinkle with parsley f you have it for prettiness and mouth freshening properties!

Serve with crackers, mini Melba toasts, toasted pita cut into wedges or vegetables slices such as carrot, celery and cucumber.  Jump up.


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