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One Pan Coq Au Vin, Easy But Awe Inspiring

January 22, 2011

Coq Au Vin is truly the richest, most flavourful way to prepare chicken.  Wine, bacon, beef broth, chicken and vegetables intertwine to create layers of luxurious tastes in one dish.

My version of Coq Au Vin is a simply prepared one pan recipe, making it perfect for single dining or astounding your family or guests while leaving you free to run after the little ones, mingle, relax or do other chores.

As a bonus, Coq Au Vin is great the same day, but magnificent the next day.  A more common way to prepare this dish is to marinate the chicken over night a combination of wine and beef broth, so if you have the opportunity and foresight to do so, definitely consider taking this extra step.

Coq Au Vin is a great way to use up leftover wine, but if you are not a wine drinker definitely buy the least expensive wine possible as this will not affect the quality of the end product.


Chicken: family packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts were on super sale at my grocery store this week, but I generally use a variety of bone-in, skin-on cheap chicken pieces to make this recipe as it takes any chicken to great heights.

Bacon: I used half a package for four chicken breasts.

Red Wine: at least a cup, the more the merrier!

Beef Broth: about two cups or a tin can of condensed broth with an equal amount of water.





Start by cooking your bacon.  I always cut my package of bacon in half with a large serrated knife right through the package.  Saves on mess and the half pieces of bacon are much easier to manage.

You don’t need to fully crisp up your bacon as you will be returning the bacon to the pan with the chicken to cook further soon.

Tip: I find tongs much easier and safer than a spatula for turning your bacon in the pan.

Coarsely chop your vegetables while you are waiting for your bacon to cook.

Remove the bacon from your frying pan and keep aside to add back in later, but leave your pan on the stove with the element still on medium.  Ladle most of the bacon fat out of the pan.  I save my bacon fat in a cup in my fridge to use instead of butter for a variety of frying needs, such as cooking eggs.

Place your chicken top side down in the pan and flip when brown.

Add all of the vegetables to the pan.  Your pan will likely be extremely full at this point, but don’t worry as the vegetables will cook down.

Add about two cups of beef broth.

Add about a cup of red wine.

Cut each half piece of bacon in half again, then add back into the pan.

Cook on medium low for about an hour.

Serve each piece of chicken with a generous side of the vegetables and spoon some of the wine broth sauce over everything.  If you find you have a lot of sauce left in the pan, you can reduce it after removing the chicken and vegetables by boiling lightly for about ten minutes.  This will create a thicker, richer sauce.

I also recommend serving atop either mashed potatoes or egg noodles to balance the richness of this dish.

Start your dinner party invitation list now!   Jump up.


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