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Tuna Pasta Salad (Or All Four Food Groups in Fifteen Minutes)

January 31, 2011

When you have no time to spare and the cupboards look bare, Tuna Pasta Salad can save the day!  I know it isn’t fancy but it is dependable, and that is what CookMoreSmileMore is all about.  Good simple food you can count on to work for you.

Not only is Tuna Pasta Salad good and simple, it is also versatile.  I eat my Tuna Pasta Salad hot in the winter and cold in the summer.

You can substitute any vegetable in the place of celery, my favorite is actually frozen peas.  Leave the peas frozen if you are packing your Tuna Pasta Salad for lunch and can’t access a fridge, they will thaw in time but the salad will still be cold at noon.

Some days I use mayonnaise, but other days the thought of mayonnaise grosses me out for some reason, so I’ve used many substitutions including a few spoons of milk or butter or for those really health conscious days, a good squeeze of lemon juice.  I guess if you have commercial salad dressing in the fridge, that would work too.  The important thing is to make use of what you have.  Keep a tin of tuna in the cupboard and you will always have a meal option.


Tuna: remember to get one with a dolphin on the side!

Pasta: I like the little shells for speed in this recipe, they only require 4-5 minutes boiling.

Vegetable: celery is good for crunch, frozen peas are great as a pseudo refrigeration technique.


Dressing: mayonnaise or a bit of milk or butter or lemon juice…

Boil your water for the pasta.  While you are waiting for your pasta to cook, open your tin can of tuna, chop up your celery if using and dice your cheese into little cubes.

Drain your pasta.  Add all other ingredients.

Stir and serve!  Or pack for lunch.  Or eat half and pack the other half for lunch like I did.

What is your favorite Tuna Pasta Salad vegetable or dressing? Jump up.


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