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Sinfully Simple, No-Fail Roasted Chicken Pieces

March 31, 2011

This sinfully simple recipe is undoubtedly the easiest way to cook inexpensive bone-in chicken pieces.  The chicken will be so tenderly delicious, it will make your mouth water while the meat falls off the bone as you move it from the baking dish onto your plate.

This is a perfect beginner recipe.  When I first started cooking, I was nervous to try anything but chicken breasts (which are notoriously too expensive for people who are also starting to create an independent life for themselves in the first place) because I didn’t know how to properly cook chicken and warnings about improper chicken cooking are abound.  This recipe is a no-fail method and still my go-to way to prepare chicken even now that I am a confident cook.

Roasted chicken pieces are just as satisfying and scrumptious as a whole roasted chicken, but much easier and quicker to prepare.  The meat will be tender, the skin will be crispy and the juices can be easily turned into gravy with a little flour for the days you are longing for what is likely the most nostalgic home-made meal in my region.


Chicken pieces: I use chicken quarters because they are generally the meatiest and the cheapest (under a $1.99/lb or 4.39/kg is reasonable, usually about $1.50 per piece)

Butter: 1 spoon per chicken piece

Salt: just a sprinkle

Water: 1 cup (optional: add an oxo cube or use chicken broth instead of water)

Optional if you want to make gravy: a few spoons of flour or cornstarch

Rinse your chicken and place in a baking dish.  Do not worry yourself with trimming fat off the pieces, the fat is much easier to remove once cooked.

Add the water or chicken broth to the dish.  I used water and an oxo cube which you can see didn’t dissolve whatsoever, no worries!

Place one spoon of butter on each piece, then sprinkle with salt.  The butter and salt are needed to make the skin nice and crispy.

Bake at 375 degrees for about one hour and fifteen minutes for chicken quarters whether you are cooking one or eight pieces.  The number of pieces doesn’t affect cooking time, the size of pieces does.  If you are cooking smaller pieces such as chicken legs only, you can lessen the time to 45 minutes to an hour.

Let sit for a few minutes before transferring to plates or the chicken will fall apart when you try to move it!

To make gravy, after removing the chicken from the dish, carefully pour the juices into a little pot.  Turn the stove onto medium and once boiling, add a few spoons of flour OR as I prefer, mix a spoon of cornstarch with a few spoons of cold water in a little cup and add this to the boiling juices.  Either way, let boil for one minute and then turn the stove to low and let simmer for a few minutes until thickened to your liking.

I promise the gravy is flavorful even if you only used water to cook the chicken in.

Don’t forget to serve with a healthy side such as the mixture of rice, beans and vegetables squeezed with lime seen below, recipe coming soon!

You can also turn this into a whole meal right in the pan by tossing potatoes and carrots or whatever you fancy around the chicken before baking.

¡Salud! Jump up.


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  1. Mike Brown permalink

    I am an 83 yo active Widower Disabled Veteran having a daughter and her family come for Christmas Dinner. I had purchased chicken pieces and had them in my freezer when on sale a month ago. Instead of my usual Turkey, I found your recipe and am going to use it.
    THANK U! THANK U! THIS WILL BE SO EASY AND TASTY! I will get to visit with them instead of being in the kitchen.

    • Your comment is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for! So many of us are trying our best with what little we have, but I know Veterans have always gotten the least back from our countries for the biggest sacrifices. I am glad to have this little chance to bring some of us together for support and sharing tips like these! Merry Christmas Mike and a happy New Year to all! Just move your chicken pieces from your freezer to your fridge the night before you plan to cook them so they can thaw first.

    • Since discovering this recipe we have this almost every Sunday. Great recipe & to be perfectly honest I was not much of a chicken fan before this. One of my favourite dinners… so easy & delicious. Also excellent value I’ve got 5 chicken legs for tonight & they cost £2.65… What’s not to love! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to try this beautiful receipe all the way here in Kenya. Will update you on results.
    thanks al ot.
    lucy kavindah, kenya

    • These are the moments that make us remember how truly amazing it is that we live in the age of the internet. There is no end to the possibilities! Hope to find myself a simple Kenyan dish to try now so we can trade a little inspiration!

  3. MzJawz permalink

    I have never commented on a recipe before… and I cook all of the time. But this time, I had to…
    This was by far, the easiest, best tasting way to cook my chicken pieces. I cannot wait to be hungry again tomorrow to eat more 🙂 Thank you.

    • Yay! I mainly cook for one and I’m sure not turning the oven on every night, so easy and inexpensive but tasty enough to eat a couple of nights in a row are my main goals for this site. I am super happy people are noticing! Thank you! If you ever want to get fancy, I suggest trying the Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken – two ingredients (for real) and you will be totally surprised at how rich and flavourful it comes out!

  4. mogol permalink

    Thank you for this recipe. I cooked this the first time for New Year’s Eve dinner and it came out pretty good. I’m going to do it again today for dinner 🙂

  5. This mama of 5 kidos thanks you! I am always looking for budget-friendly and healthy meals to serve to my family. I have yours in the oven right now and am looking forward to sharing it with them tonight. Thanks for the post.

  6. LishaB permalink

    I actually received a comment on my culinary skills ,,, that never happens. This is a great and very simple recipe to follow – thanks for sharing.

  7. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!

  8. Debsquirrel permalink

    This was delicious and attracted compliments from my hubby. I added lemon juice to the water rather than stock and sprinkled some oregano from the garden on the chicken skin. It’s definitely a recipe I’ll use again. Thanks from Australia.

    • So pleased you experimented! Lemon is a wonderful addition to almost anything! Lately I’ve been putting no broth/water/liquid whatsoever when I don’t intend to make gravy and it still works like a charm, just butter & salt. Thank you for your insightful comment!

  9. Gina permalink

    Wonderful recipe, thank you for sharing! I just cooked it for my family and everyone loved it. The chicken was so tender. I also added some cauliflower, carrots, onions and garlic under the chicken and they were cooked beautifully as well.

  10. Kathy permalink

    My husband said “this is fall off the bone fantastic!” and I said “that’s what the recipe said!!” it was a total hit!!

  11. laylaf13 permalink

    This was a breeze to assemble, inexpensive and relatively healthy, everyone enjoyed it-that is everything I could ask for. I added potatoes and carrots, etc., and they turned out nicely also. It is a one pan meal that looks like you fussed but could not be easier.

  12. Pati permalink

    Just found this today..what a treat, chicken was moist and tender. I did add more spices to the chicken, used chix broth instead of water and it came out so good. Will do this often, thank you!

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