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Tuna Tomato Soup: Refuel In 3 Minutes For $3

July 25, 2011

This Tuna Tomato Soup isn’t exactly a recipe, but it’s gotten me through some tough days.  Days when time slips away, when my pockets were bare, when cooking isn’t feasible and when my tummy shouts from hunger.

When I was younger and less experienced, I would often quiet the shouting with a bowl of plain rice but now that I’ve grown I’ve realized these are the days that you need to nourish yourself most.  So I found myself a fail safe instant meal that at least provides the basics: three of the four food groups including tuna for protein.  I buy extra tomato soup and tuna whenever it goes on sale and always keep a block of cheese in my fridge, just in case.

If you ever find yourself experiencing a tough day, I hope this little idea provides you a bit of relief.


Tomato soup, one can.

Tuna, one can (always buy chunk over flaked if they are the same price).

Cheese, a few cubes.

Open the tins.  Drain the tuna.  Give the juice to your kitty cat if you have one and she will love you forever!  Cut a bit of cheese into little cubes (this will provide more cheese flavour than grating it does).  30 seconds of work.

Pour everything plus a tomato-soup-tin-can full of water into a large bowl.  Microwave for about two minutes and 30 seconds.

Nourish yourself on these days.  This too shall pass, I promise.  Jump up.

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