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About Me

Cooking makes me smile.  I hope to share the joys of cooking simple, fun, inexpensive and nutritious dishes to feed yourself or a crowd.  CookMoreSmileMore begins as a collection of recipes I have been cooking consistently week in and week out for years, but I am still learning as I go, adding new items to the rotation.  It’s hard to remember how I came across many of these recipes over time, but I cannot take credit for any of them as they are just pared down versions of meals I have enjoyed along the way.

You don’t need much in way of ingredients or equipment for any of these recipes.  It feels good to choose mostly whole foods in simple combinations as staples.  In my kitchen, I commonly use a big bowl, frying pan, measuring items, big soup pot, cookie sheet, oven-safe casserole dish, cutting board and most importantly, a big blade.  That is really all you need.  Forget the big expensive appliances (for now).  So relax, it’s easy!  And if you cook more, you won’t help but smile more.

Contact me at located in the capital of Canada.

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